Our Services

Tree Amigos provides a gamut of Arboricultural services to Residential, Corporate and Government clients across the Perth metropolitan area and surrounds.

Prior to performing any tree services we will provide our clients with a comprehensive written quote performed by a qualified and experienced arborist.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss the quote with our clients to ensure that it is understood what is required as well as what we propose to achieve.

Tree Amigos are fully insured with $20 Million public liability cover for your peace of mind, and to date are proud that we haven’t been required to access this.



Pruning is our forte.  We have continued to develop our pruing skills by means of conventional climbing or the use of EWP's. Of all of our services, this is by far our most requested service.  “Our Guarantee is to have a qualified arborist on site” to give you the peace of mind that the work is not only completed to your satisfaction, but that the best interest of the trees are catered for.


  • Corrective
  • Formative Prune
  • Crown Lift
  • Remedial Prune
  • Dead Wood Removal
  • Drip Line Reduction
  • Weight Reduction
  • Thinning and Balance
  • Fenceline Clearances
  • Hedging


We always try to take the best interest of the tree into consideration however there are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed regardless of this such as disease, structural damage, land development and so on.  The complexity of this task increases with the size of the tree.  We have all of the specialised equipment and rigging gear required to assist with this process.   At Tree Amigos, we have extensive experience in the safe and effecient removal of trees by using cranes, EWP's, or our qualified climbers.  Tree Amigos is renowned for and specialises in Large Tree dismantling.


We have been involved with many projects which have required the mass clearing of trees with large machinery for new residential and commercial developments.


Stump Grinding

Following the removal of a tree, it is often common practice for the stump to be ground preventing regrowth and to assist in reinstating the ground, allowing for a flat surface.  Whether in a residential yard, or in a park, garden or development property we have the ability to grind most stumps.  A regular grind is done to a depth of approximately 30cm below ground level however we are able to provide a deep grind if required.  


We have a dedicated 4WD mobile work station for stump grinding.  This allows us to travel to the stump location with both of our large and small grinders and enables us to perform minor servicing to the grinders on site (ie: teeth changing) to ensure the job is completed.

Having a small and a large grinder available  allows us to access stumps in various locations (however there can be restrictions associated with grinding in difficult locations or where there are any known obstructions / obstacles preventing access to the stump ie: water mains, walls that are too close in proximity to the stump, gas lines etc).  The minimum access width is 750mm.

Powerline Clearance

Powerlines are a common part of most streetscapes. The impact of trees growing along side and beneath powerlines can be disruptive and extremely hazardous. Western Power regularly audits street trees and house lines, issuing compliance notices to property owners. There are specific guidelines set down by Western Power for the work to be carried out on their assets, the power lines. 

Tree Amigos are a Certified Western Power preferred contractor providing powerline clearance for residential, commercial and local government clientele. We have fully qualified staff experienced in the clearance of powerlines.


 Parks and Gardens

Tree Amigos has had extensive experience in all facets of pruning within some of Perths most prestigious park and gardens, from Kings Park Botanic Garden to the grounds of Edith Cowen University.  Our ability to perform in high amenity areas allows us to frequent various locations such as the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board of WA.

Tree Amigos has been awarded several local government contracts for the provision of various arboriciltural services.  We are extremely passionate about our trade and are proud to have the opportunity to work within Perth's growing community by assisting in making our local parks and gardens beautiful for all to enjoy.


Street Trees

Street trees beautify our roadways and verges, but can provide many hazards to both pedestrians and motorists.   Tree Amigos is engaged by various councils to provide a variety of pruning services within the Streetscapes such as Street Trees / Council Verge pruning.

Types of pruning we provide includes: 


  • Powerline Pruning to Western Power specifications
  • Council specific pruning requirements ie: Flat Top or “V” Prune etc.
  • Corrective and Formative pruning, assisting with reinstating the Street Trees form after underground powerlines installation
  • Median Strip Pruning
  • Crown Lifting
  • Boundary and road side pruning
  • Root Damage
  • Removal and Stump Grinding

    Site Clearing

    From tree and shrub removal to onsite chipping Tree Amigos has the equipment, capacity and capability to clear any site. 

    Our site clearing serves includes:


  • Large scale felling of trees and clearance pruning for:
  • -  New Housing estates

    -  Greenfields projects

    -  Commercial block development

    -  Residential subdivision

    -  Road building

  • On Site Mulching
  • Mulch removal

    Additional Aboricultural Services
    Tree Amigos can supply a complete range of Aboricultural services including: 
    • Pest and Disease Diagnosis, Management and Control;
    • Tree Surgery; and
    • Transplanting.


    Tree Consultations 

    On site consultations include verbal information and instructions / advice as well as a written quotation and /or report for any aboricultural services suggested.