Tree Amigos can provide you with mulch to use in your gardens. Mulch has numerous benefits to your garden:
  • Helps retain moisture, prevents evaporation (Spread mulch to a depth of 5 – 10cm). Ensure to not over mulch (depth greater than 10cm) as it will prevent moisture (water) to pass into the soil (root systems).
  • Stops soil from blowing, or washing away.
  • Cuts down weeds by making it difficult for weed seeds to germinate- this also applies to seeds you wish to plant, so don't mulch heavily until plant seeds have well and truly sprouted.
  • Weeds also pull up out of mulch much more easily than soil, especially if it becomes compacted.
  • Keeps soil temperature more consistent- insulates against cold and heat.
  • Helps lessen soil borne fungal diseases reaching plants.
  • Keeps garden beds looking neater and natural. Ensure to turn mulch annually & re-apply when required. Depending on the garden types ensure a form of nutrient supplement/additive is applied ie Dynamic Lifter every time you mulch your gardens.

The table below outlines the delivery zones and delivery prices that are associated with our Mulch scheme. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions oulined below.

Zone 1: $80 Zone 2: $100 Zone 3: $120
City of Joondalup Town of Cottesloe City of Fremantle
City of Wanneroo City of Subiaco City of Kwinana
City of Swan City of Perth City of Rockingham
City of Bayswater Town of Vincent City of Cockburn
City of Canning Shire of Kalamunda
City of South Perth City of Gosnells
City of Melville

Mulch and Mulch Delivery Terms and Conditions
  • Tree Amigos can provide you with Mulch. We do charge you a delivery fee depending on your location. Please see table for delivery prices in your area.
  • The mulch delivery will be a FULL TRUCK LOAD – approximately 15m3 which equates to around 10 -15 trailer loads. As the mulch is made up of tree prunings in your area, we cannot guarantee when the mulch will be delivered to you, or the type of mulch. Your details will be put on our waiting list and the orders will honoured on a first in first served basis.
  • Please note that this is a LARGE delivery and that we will NOT be responsible for any unwanted or unused mulch.
  • We will deliver the mulch onto your verge or driveway, depending on where our truck can access easily.
  • Please ensure that if you no longer require the mulch delivery that you inform us immediately by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If the mulch is delivered prior to you notifying us of the cancellation, it will be your responsibility to remove the mulch.
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